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LPMuds.net: about us

This is a site dedicated to a kind of online, text-only, virtual reality game called LPMud. Here you can find links to documentation, downloads, and games which use or are related to LPMud. Please see the linked tabs above for more information. Detailed information on those links follows:
This is the main feature of the site. A place for folks to hang out and talk about LPC and LPMuds in a friendly atmosphere.
Site FAQ
Information about why this site exists, guiding principles and rules.
An old but still interesting FAQ on LPMuds from Usenet days.
A reference page for current status of the official LPMuds.net I3 router, and connection information.
A helpful repository of LPMud related programs and files.

LPMuds.net: Recent threads

These are the most recent threads from the LPmuds.net forum.
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